WAX Twist : a resource for artists using encaustic

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WAX Twist is thrilled to announce the launch of our Artist Profile Series!

WAX Twist is busy producing video profiles featuring a look into the artist’s process; from inspiration, materials use, creation, and contemplation. Take a moment to click on the Artist Profile link, and have a look!

TWO Instructional DVDs are available

WAX Twist: Folding, Twisting, Curling

creating hand-sculpted 3D forms from encaustic

WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques

Our first DVD features an array

of techniques and methods that can enliven your studio practice!

Look at our DVD link for a full description of this ground braking resource.

We are so excited to offer our next DVD in the WAX Twist line-up!

Our newest DVD-

WAX Twist: Folding, Twisting, Curling

is hot off the DVD press!

Click our DVD link for